People buy investment real estate for security and cash-flow. To make investment real estate work properly an owner needs good residents and good maintenance. Lone Star Land Management excels at achieving Real Estate Owner’s Goals. Our philosophy is simply, happy tenants make happy owners. Excellent communication and quality property management and maintenance are the key ingredients.


Lone Star has a proven track history of meeting and exceeding owner expectations. How do we do it?


* 24/7 Access to Property Manager: Our property managers respond to your needs and questions.


* Great Tenants: Most people see tension in the landlord and tenant relationship. We see a powerful synergy. Happy residents pay rent    on time, maintain the property, and send referrals. We strive to keep your units fully occupied by meeting the tenants on their level and meeting their daily needs. This translates into a profitable investment for our owners.


* Re-letting: We have an excellent retention rate. We have a wonderful success rate with multi-year tenants who decide to continue leasing an owner’s unit. This minimizes the down-time for make-ready and showing.


* Regular Maintenance: We own rental property too. A quality, well-maintained unit leases over a poorly kept and dirty unit any day. We have regularly scheduled maintenance and yard care to keep your property in tip-top shape.


* Monthly Statements: We provide a monthly breakdown of all rent and expenses.


* Monthly Remittance: We work to turn around rent as quickly as possible. We can deposit directly into owner’s accounts, send via electronic payment, or by check. The owner chooses.


* Year End Tax Summary: Beyond our monthly statements, we provide an annual summary for owner’s tax preparation.


* Competitive Rates: Real estate is a competitive market. Our rates are competitive with the market. However, we believe our service and commitment to our owners and tenants exceeds all others.


* Discounted Rates for Volume Units: For clients with more than 8 units, we provide volume discounts on management fees.


* Summary Sentence: We understand the needs of owners and work diligently to keep their investment real estate producing for them.

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